6 Attractive Business Opportunities in the World of Sports that You Should Try

Right on September 9 yesterday, the Indonesian people commemorated the 36th National Sports Day or HAORNAS. The commemoration of this national sports day certainly not only leaves a ceremonial impression but also a business opportunity for those of you who have a business soul. Because, if you are a businessman or prospective entrepreneur who has an interest in the world of sports, this can be a business opportunity with a large profit. Want to know what business opportunities you can take advantage of in the sports industry? Here are 6 business opportunities in the sports world that you can use to make money.


Starting a Sports Souvenir Business

Everyone who loves sports or has a unique interest in his favorite sports club, usually really wants to have items with a special logo that shows his love for the club. You can use this as a good business opportunity to start a sports souvenir business. Many kinds of souvenirs that you can produce from cheap to expensive. It could be a shirt, bag, wall clock, mug, pen, or anything else as long as you carry a sports club logo. Business souvenirs are businesses that take advantage of someone’s appeal on his love for the club. If you choose the sports souvenir business, make sure that the souvenirs you produce are of high quality and durable.


Ticket Sales for Sports Events

You are certainly very familiar with the sale of airline tickets or concert tickets both online and offline. The sports world also has business opportunities like that. With a capital of IDR 2-5 million, you can open up opportunities to become a ticket agent for every sporting match. People usually buy tickets to watch sporting events live. You can be involved in ticket sales for football matches, boxing, or any event.


Creating Sports Applications

Currently, we are in a time where the existence of a smartphone is the closest need for many people. Apps or Apps are the most important part of smartphones that keep people busy with their smartphones and computer devices. If you are a software developer or programmer, you might consider focusing on creating sports-related applications. There is a very large and very lucrative market for these applications.

Opened Fitness Center

The idea of ​​this business opportunity has indeed been heard long enough. But even though it has become an old idea, the opportunity to open a fitness center is still interesting to consider, because every day everyone is increasingly aware of the importance of healthy living. The initial capital needed to open a fitness center does tend to be large because the equipment costs are quite expensive. But the return on capital for a fitness center business can also be quite fast and stable, with a membership system that requires each member to pay a monthly fee of Rp100,000-Rp400,000 upfront.

Starting a Consignment Business (For Sale)

There are many people who cannot afford expensive t-shirts directly from their favorite clubs or the sports equipment they need to play their favorite sports. If you know how to look for sporting goods and sports clothing for both local and foreign clubs in quite a large amount, you can make money by starting a consignment business. Business with this type does not require relatively large capital, you only need cooperation with various parties involved and maintain trust, discipline, and broad connections.

Open a Sports Equipment Shop

No matter what part of the world or city you live in, there must be some people who like and are actively involved in a sporting event. Opening a sporting goods store is one of the business opportunities that is still wide open for you to explore, in addition to the growing number of interesting ones, it turns out that competitors in this one business are still small despite the potential for developing and good prospects. When opening a sporting goods store, there are a number of things that you must understand. First, you must know your favorite target sport around. Second, pay attention to trends that are happening, for example when the world cup, the soccer equipment will be sought after. Third, broaden your horizons and knowledge about the developing world of sports.


Seeing the magnitude of business opportunities in the world of sports and the many things that can be associated with the industry, then try to choose one of the sports that you are interested in and know about, then start to benefit from your hobby. Because one of the most fun jobs is when your hobby can make money.

For those of you who are still confused about choosing a sports business opportunity, you can take advantage of the Fabulous Vegas Golf Tournament event organized by Ciputra Golf, Club & Resto to commemorate the 24th anniversary of Ciputra Golf. This event will be held on September 15, September 21 and 22 in the largest golf course in East Java and will be attended by hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in the city of Surabaya. Besides seeing business opportunities in the field of golf, you can also network with hundreds of entrepreneurs at the 24th Ciputra Golf Anniversary event. 

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