7 Tips for Building a Strong Networking for a Great Business

Business without a network or networking is impossible. In fact, every business always needs a network because a business cannot stand alone. Many benefits can be obtained if a company has many networks or networking, including being able to increase sales, add connections and relationships, be a solution for business problems, can add insight or expand business knowledge. So if as a business owner you want to develop the business further by strengthening the network, what should you do to get it? Let’s look at a few tips below.


Make more acquaintances

Many business people succeed in building a strong business network that starts with an introduction. Attending seminars, workshops, or various other events were giving you the opportunity to meet lots of people from different backgrounds is your chance to increase acquaintances and open new networks to grow your business. In the near future, you can also take part in the 24th Ciputra Golf Anniversary event which will be held in the city of Surabaya. In addition to networking, here you can also learn to develop business through a golf game strategy.



Duplication is the process of imitating the steps and strategies of successful people who succeed in the same business to get a business network accompanied by the development of expertise in yourself. Want your business network to develop properly? Do the duplication correctly and gradually.


Exchange Business Cards

Even though it looks simple, it turns out that business cards have an important role when you want to do business networking. Where business cards are an important tool that becomes your identity to expand business networks. When meeting new business partners, don’t forget to give a business card. The business activity of exchanging business cards, even though it seems simple, will still have a huge impact. Business cards are a source of information that will make it easier for others to contact you.


Give Support to Business Partners

In business, sometimes you will encounter a number of problems that you cannot solve yourself, as well as your business partners. If you want to create a strong business network, then take the time to mutually support your partners. By helping each other, you will automatically gain closeness.


Have Sharing Activities

When you master a field, you can share it with others. Because true sharing or sharing will never make you lose money. You can share in a workshop, forums that are online, social media and anywhere that allows for you to share well. That way, you will build a network with people who have the same interests as what you share.


Use Social Media

Nowadays, everyone is more closely connected through social media. You can also use social media as a tool to get business networks. Try networking with people who are outside your circle of friends, but relevant to your business. For example, if you sell kitchen products, you can join the cooking community or other mothers community on social media. Besides you can find new insights about business, you can also find out what your target audience really wants and needs.


Join the Association

An opportunity will be more widely obtained when deciding to join an association or organization. Joining communities and associations is an effective way to build business networks. Through a business association or forum, you will have the opportunity to get to know many business people with various types of businesses.

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