Buy Wedding Dresses Online , This Woman Can See Through Clothes

When preparing for a wedding, a wedding dress is one thing to consider. However, the bridal couple, especially the woman wants to look special and charming on her special day.

However, the costs incurred for a wedding dress is not cheap. Especially if the dress is a famous designer design.

Therefore, it is not surprising if some women choose to look for many references before choosing a wedding dress that suits the budget. Sometimes there are people who buy wedding dresses online because they are cheaper than in stores. However, there are risks that still must be considered.

The unpleasant experience experienced by a prospective bride named Shannon Harris. He decided to buy a wedding dress online because the price is very cheap.

In addition, according to him, the dress model is very perfect. Shannon bought two dresses for £ 13 and £ 19 or equivalent to Rp227 thousand and Rp332 thousand.

Launch Mirror, Shannon was surprised when the dress that came did not match the description on the website that looks extraordinary. The floral motif dress with backless model looks really amazing when worn by the model. But when worn by her, the dress is actually weird to wear.

“The dress was very, very lousy. I tried to tie it so that the dress fits in the body when worn. But the strap is higher and the back is worse,” Shannon explained.

But the problem did not stop there, the other dresses that he also ordered have a problem, even more terrible. The dress is like a lack of material so it doesn’t cover the whole body properly. The material on the dress even shows the navel clearly.

“The dress was too translucent to wear. Other people could see my ass clearly. It was really terrible,” said Shannon.

The events experienced by Shannon can be used as lessons for other brides. Do not just because seeing the price of a cheap dress in an online store immediately decide to buy. Check carefully so as not to regret and spend money in vain.

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