Where to stay in Bratislava: the 4 best places in the city

Most tourists do not have to choose where to stay in Bratislava because it is not enough to stay in the city. The capital of Slovakia is so close to Vienna that many prefer to include the city in the route through this region as a round trip without spending the night there.

Unfortunately most end up regretting it too.

This is what happened to us. The first time we visited Bratislava we thought we would need less than a day, but soon realized that there was a lot more to do in the city. Bratislava is so interesting that it is certainly worth spending one or more nights of your itinerary there.

So that no one makes the same mistake we had, let’s take a few tips below on the best places in town to stay. In each place, we separate the best hotels and some cheap options for those who want to save on their stay.

Where is it best to stay in Bratislava? In or Out of the Old City?

Undoubtedly the best option is to stay in one of the hotels in the walled stretch of the old city of Bratislava, especially for those who will be staying only one night in the city.

The Appendix City Hotel Michalska and the Art Hotel William, for example, are the most cost-effective options considering the location.

If you are looking for even cheaper options or want to spend more time in the city, the way is to look for the lodging outside the preserved downtown.

In total, we have 4 different places in the city for those who are choosing where to stay in Bratislava and need more options. Are they:

All listed here are in the city’s oldest neighborhood (Stare Mesto). Bratislava is a city with attractions so concentrated in a small area that it is not worth booking hotels anywhere else.

Old Town Bratislava

For those who stay for a short time in the city, the best option is to stay right in the center of Bratislava. There are the biggest attractions and the best restaurants, allowing the tourist to know the city without having to walk almost anything when leaving the hotel.

In the main square of the city (Hviezdoslavovo Námestie) are located the two most famous hotels of Bratislava, both of the Radisson Blu chain:

  • The Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, which traditionally welcomes famous politicians and artists when visiting the city;
  • And Park Inn Danube Bratislava, which has a pool and views of the Danube River and UFO Bridge.

Of course, the price of both is higher than standard, but they are not much more expensive than the average downtown hotels.

In a more accessible range are the hotels that are our main recommendations of the city:

By location we consider them to be the best value for money options in Bratislava.

For those looking for a hostel, in the center there are two interesting options:

  • The Apart-Zero Hostel has private rooms (with shared bathroom) to host 2-4 people and even a family room.
  • But the Wild Elephants Hostel follows a hostel standard model, with rooms dormitory-style.

New city

The New Town is a more modern stretch of the city, with wider avenues, where trolley lines run. Tourists visiting Bratislava do not need to stay there, but the closer to this region the cheaper the hotel rates are.

Without going too far, still on the edge of the old city, but already in a stretch near New Town, Bratislava has some very good hotels. They can be a good solution for those who want to pay a little cheaper and don’t mind walking a few more blocks.

Over there our main recommendations are:

  • The Tatra Hotel which has a more economical profile
  • And Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava, which is a bit more sophisticated

For those who prefer a hostel to a hotel, there are two very good alternatives on Špitálska Avenue, which connects the Old Town with the New Town:


Castle Hill

Bratislava Castle is certainly the biggest tourist attraction in the city. Located on a hill just beside the old center, it is separated from it by the loop of the overpass that gives access to the UFO Bridge. The work, when built, divided the preserved area of ​​the capital into two pieces.

This separation gives the castle hill its own climate, as if it now forms a distinct neighborhood, even though it is located right next to the Center.

Staying there can be ideal for those who prefer less crowded residential profile areas, even though Bratislava is not a bustling city, even on its busiest streets.

Over there our recommendations are:

  • The Ibis Bratislava Centrum, which is just at the beginning of the climb to the Castle, with a super affordable option.
  • The Falkensteiner Hotel is also at the bottom of the hill but has a more upscale standard.

Blue Church

Those who like to stay in residential areas when traveling, usually look for lodging outside the Center. But in Bratislava, the picture may be different.

Because the city is so small, there are residential parts right inside Stare Mesto, the district that forms the center of the Slovak capital.

One of these areas is the set of streets surrounding the famous Blue Church (Kostol svätej Alžbety). There are a number of low-rise buildings, between 3 and 5 floors, some of which are on the ground floor but are largely residential in character.

It is the best area for those who want to feel like a resident of Bratislava, without being too far from its main attractions. The tip is valid especially for those wishing to spend more than one day in the city.

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